BABYDOLL • Portfolio: CHICAGO ©GiuseppePons

Italy • Portfolio: Closer to Rome ©GiuseppePons

MAXMARA - Sept. 22nd 2016, Corso Venezia 16 (Film) • Portfolio: FASHION IN STREET ©GiuseppePons

Hanged Spiderman • Portfolio: Street Photography in Milano ©GiuseppePons

From the beach • Portfolio: MILANO MARITTIMA ©GiuseppePons

American Cars • Portfolio: WEST OF HOLLYWOOD ©GiuseppePons

Line up - Max Mara, February 20th • Portfolio: The ephemeral beauty ©GiuseppePons

San Francesco d'Assisi - Piazza Risorgimento • Portfolio: First Snow in Milano ©GiuseppePons

Yellow bags • Portfolio: LOCKDOWN ©GiuseppePons

Brandenburger tor • Portfolio: BERLIN 30 YEARS AFTER ©GiuseppePons

People at Lago di Cavazzo • Portfolio: Friuli Summer 645 ©GiuseppePons

Lidia and her daughter • Portfolio: CORONA VIRUS (Milano) ©GiuseppePons
Route 66 - California
ROUTE 66 • Portfolio: AMERICANO ©GiuseppePons

New Skyline • Portfolio: MILANO (chemical) ©GiuseppePons

Reading time • Portfolio: GRAN CANARIA ©GiuseppePons

Jonatan Bartoletti : Nickname Scompiglio - Lupa wins the palio after 27 years • Portfolio: PALIO! ©GiuseppePons

Frankfurt (Girl) • Portfolio: DEUTSCHLAND FILM ©GiuseppePons