Yellow bags ©GiuseppePons

Pope in TV ©GiuseppePons

Balcony during pandemic ©GiuseppePons

Cat OUT, human IN ©GiuseppePons

New family in the new prison ©GiuseppePons

The world outside ©GiuseppePons

Distance learning ©GiuseppePons

In the street only for food shopping ©GiuseppePons

Forbidden to enter in the wine store ©GiuseppePons

Bars and restaurants must remain closed ©GiuseppePons

Sport store ©GiuseppePons

Spring as summer, but Covid is there ©GiuseppePons

Plastic gloves ©GiuseppePons

Just a cigarette ©GiuseppePons

In the kitchen ©GiuseppePons

The mask and the rudeness ©GiuseppePons