Jonatan Bartoletti : Nickname Scompiglio - Lupa wins the palio after 27 years ©GiuseppePons

The soul of Siena ©GiuseppePons

Smelling the Palio air ©GiuseppePons

Rolling Stones ©GiuseppePons

Ubi maior minor cessat ©GiuseppePons

Pressure ©GiuseppePons

Girls of Lupa ©GiuseppePons

Difficult relationship ©GiuseppePons

The power of Lupa ©GiuseppePons

Vallerozzi Star ©GiuseppePons

Fast hand ©GiuseppePons

Historical Dressing ©GiuseppePons

the king and his maids ©GiuseppePons

I'm not afraid ©GiuseppePons

Cry for Lupa ©GiuseppePons

Il Campo (Campo Square, where the Palio take place) ©GiuseppePons

Blonde hair ©GiuseppePons

Preziosa Penelope ©GiuseppePons

Horse Benediction ©GiuseppePons

Tension of Chiocciola ©GiuseppePons

Palio di Siena ©GiuseppePons

Drago jubilation (July 2nd 2014) ©GiuseppePons

Lupa Jubilation (July 2nd 2016) ©GiuseppePons

Female Lupa jubilation (July 2nd 2016) ©GiuseppePons

July 2nd 2014 - Drago with Jockey Salasso wins ©GiuseppePons

The Palio of the Lupa Captain Gabriele Gragnoli: July 2nd 2016 ©GiuseppePons