Hanged Spiderman ©GiuseppePons

100 kg ©GiuseppePons

Green shuttle bus ©GiuseppePons

Help don't smoke ©GiuseppePons

Tigerman ©GiuseppePons

Under attack ©GiuseppePons

Asshole ©GiuseppePons

Touristwithout brain ©GiuseppePons

Grey times ©GiuseppePons

Rain rain rain ©GiuseppePons

Bianca Jagger ©GiuseppePons

Fashion smiling ©GiuseppePons

Barbie ©GiuseppePons

Ketchup, maionese and senape ©GiuseppePons

Pet like a baby ©GiuseppePons

Future is off well done things ©GiuseppePons

A picture for you ©GiuseppePons

Faith ©GiuseppePons

Arested Santa Klaus ©GiuseppePons

Streets of rock ©GiuseppePons

Banana republic ©GiuseppePons

Body revolution ©GiuseppePons